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Take a look at our work

One of the best, and perhaps most challenging, things about our line of work is that every project is unique. This portfolio shows a scope of creative solutions that worked for our clients. We welcome the opportunity to create an individualized plan for your project.

Winslow Parc Development

Trussville, AL

Erosion Control

SpreadRite prepared the swale for Flex-A-Mat installation of a 400LF swale. The sides of the swale used a double net straw blanket for soil cover.

Woodward Oaks

Auburn, AL

Stormwater Treatment

SpreadRite created a treatment flume for emergency pumping of detention pond utilizing polymers, sock checks, wattle checks along, double net straw blanket along with a Sediment Retention Barrier.

Stonebridge Development

Loxley, AL

Stormwater Treatment

SpreadRite drained the pond and removed the soils to create positive flow and allow for proper stormwater capacity. The pond bottom and slopes were re-vegetated.

Silt Fence

Sediment Control