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We offer a full-service approach for environmental services

We provide expert analysis, design and installation of Best Management Practices to control water quality on construction sites. Our team accomplishes this by working directly with the civil engineer, grading contractor, and owner to determine the most cost-effective measures for success. We stand by our work and provide a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week emergency response service for our clients.

Sediment Control

As much as we fight erosion, some solids on a construction site are bound to move. Sediment control keeps these displaced solids contained in one particular area. SpreadRite uses several practices to prevent the loss of sediment in and around a job site including silt fences, filter socks, living walls/streambank restoration and log products.

Erosion Control

Sediment, soil, mud and rock particles aren’t always stationary, particularly when wind, rain and ice encourage them to move down-slope. SpreadRite works to control the displacement of these solids by providing a wide variety of techniques for covering and protecting the soils from potential movement. These include temporary organic ground covers, permanent matting, anionic polymers and plastic liners to name a few. Each helps absorb the rainfall impact and prevent soil displacement.

Soil Stabilization

One of the first lines of defense against erosion is to cover the area with grass. SpreadRite provides a wide variety of soil stabilization and vegetation options specific to any grassing project. Our agronomists will analyze project size and soil conditions to determine the best and most cost-effective package for our client’s desired results. SpreadRite has the equipment needed to tackle any type or size project, including hydroseeders, tractors, broadcast spreaders, disks, harrows, 4-wheelers, straw blowers and hand seeding.

As a corporate member of the International Erosion Control Association (IECA), we are constantly trying new and innovative products to increase the success of our grassing packages. Through temporary stabilization, slope stabilization, and permanent turf-type grass, SpreadRite has you covered.

Stormwater Treatment

Turbidity, or the haziness of water caused by runoff, is our number one enemy. After we’ve carefully worked to stabilize soil, control erosion and contain any sediment, storm water treatment is our last line of defense for environmental protection. Our team uses a variety of site-specific methods including pond remediation, pond stabilization utilizing wetland vegetation species, and active treatment systems utilizing flocculants.